Swimming carnival

“Yes!!!” I shouted we were finally at the pool. It was a very hot day the races I was in were backstroke freestyle relay and kickboard relay.  I was so excited when backstroke  was on because I was really hot I swam my hardest and I came 3rd. Then freestyle relay started. Ready set go! I was 3rd in line for the relay so when it was my turn I jumped in and swam as hard as I could we ended up coming second and that was pretty good. Then I had a little rest and got a drink and talked to my friends until we had to do the kickboard relay by then I was really tired but I still had to do it I didn’t do that well in it but we still came second witch was good,the n it was time to go back to school. Everybody was anxious to know what house had won the swimming carnival.

Everyone was so quiet when the wining house was announced. And the winner was Chisholm! Everyone in Chisholm was very excited but everyone had a great time at the pool. The end.