Grammar-mania! Exercise 2: Nouns

1. From the top of a small hill, we saw the Northumberland Strait.
2. The ocean was calm, and the clouds were beautiful.
3. Then, the little boats began to appear.
4. The fishermen were out checking their traps for lobster.
5. Many people in this area spend most of their lives on the sea.
6. Local markets are full of mussels, clams, scallops, and lobster.
7. In small villages, canneries prepare seafood for shipment to Japan.
8. When their boats are full, the fishermen return to their harbours for the night.
9. If the weather is good, their catch is usually large.
10. Storms make life on the water dangerous.

Grammar-mania! Exercise 1: Nouns

1. The dog chased the cat under the porch.
2. Muffins made with blueberries are delicious.
3. My daughter sold her computer to a friend.
4. Robert drove his car to Saint John and shopped for a new truck.
5. So much snow covered the roads, that even truck drivers pulled into motels.
6. The passengers on the ship witnessed the collision with the iceberg.
7. The Titanic sank in a few hours; many husbands and wives were separated.
8. Penguins live near the South Pole, but these birds aren’t bothered by the cold.
9. Many retired couples move to Florida where the weather is warmer.
10. Shediac is closer to the Confederation Bridge than Riverview is.

Melbourne is the best

Melbourne is the best city in Australia because it has lots of very very very exciting and amazing things to do. It’s also very multi-cultural because we have lots of different types of food like Italian, Chinese and Thai.

Melbourne is a great city because it has everything you need to survive like food houses and lots of water.

Melbourne is also a very educated place because of all the schools. The schools have a very very very good education for kids. There are also lots of jobs available for anyone.

Melbourne also has lots of amazing exciting and wonderful festivals on all the time it also has a great zoo with lots of animals to see.

Melbourne has lots of sport to watch like the A.F.L and the tennis. They are always very exciting and very tense.

So that is why Melbourne is the best city in Australia and I hope you agree. Why wouldn’t you want to come?