100 WC Week 32

As the sun came out a fierce shining ray of light flew straight at my eye. ”Ouch!” I shouted angrily at the sun. I couldn’t see a thing out of my poor eye I needed to get to the optometrist and fast! I started to run jumping over fences and gates I was nearly there when I got distracted by a nearby ice cream shop. I really wanted an ice cream so I got one. Then a bird flew past and knocked my ice cream out of my hands and in to my eye and my eye was all better!

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 6

Fill in the missing number: 45-? +20=28

First I figured out what 40-? =8 that was 32.

Then I needed to add 5 because I took it away on the 40.

So then I added 5 on to 40 to get 45 but then I needed to add 5 to 32 and that was 37.

So 37 is your answer!


100 WC Week 31

One day I woke up and felt very very strange. Then I realised that I was super small! Oh no I thought what will I do? No one will be able to see me or hear me I must go to the shop to get a microphone! So there I was running as fast as I could to the shop trying not to get trodden on.  But then I realised were I was I was on the golf course. What am I going to do now? I thought. Then a golf ball came flying at my head. RUN! I thought.

Maths Mate Sheet 5 Question 23

What is the weight of seven bricks if three and a half bricks weigh seven kilograms?

First I figured out how many bricks there were. There were seven bricks.

Then I figured out that three and a half plus three and a half equals seven bricks.

So then you just double the weight so seven kilograms plus seven kilograms equals fourteen kilograms.

So fourteen kilograms is your answer!

100 WC week 30

My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like it because it is fun to read and it has a good combination of words and pictures. I also like it because it is about an everyday family and what they do. Greg is very funny because he does a lot of funny stuff with his friend Rowley. They are funny because they are always having competitions with each over. I find Greg’s brother Roderick very annoying because he is always annoying Greg in the book and getting him in to trouble every day and making him very embarrassed.

Maths Mate sheet 4 question 24

Predict: I pedicted this was going to be about combinations.

Read: Each person in our class was asked to select two different days of the week for farm duty.Students could choose saturday and monday or thursday and friday and so on. How many different combinations are possible?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Big question: How many combinations of days for farm duty can you have?

Mathematicians toolbox: The strategies I used was: have I seen a similar problem and make a table or list

Solve: First I went like this to make a key.

M=Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday TH=Thursday F=Friday SA Saturday SU=Sunday.

Then I went like this to find all the combinations:

M-T  M-W  M-TH  M-F  M-SA  M=SU   =6 combinations

T-W  T-TH  T-F  T-SA  T-SU   =5 combinations

W-TH  W-F  W-SA  W-SU   =4 combinations

TH-F  TH-SA  TH-SU   =3 combinations

F-SA  F-SU   =2 combinations

SA-SU   =1 combinations

Then you just add them together: 6+5+4+3+2+1=21
So 21 is your answer!

Summary: My prediction was right because it was about combinations. It was good that I used the make a table or list stradegy otherwise it would of been a lot harder.

100 WC week 29

One day I was walking down the street when a car’s revision mirror smashed in to my arm! It came flying of and landed on the path beside me “OUCH!” I said my arm hurts. “I need to get to the hospital and fast”. I thought to myself. Just then I saw a taxi. “Taxi!” I shouted the taxi screeched to a stop and I climbed in. “Quickly!” I shouted. Have any money? The taxi driver said. “Uh…no” I said. “Then I cant take you kid” he said. “Oh” I said I climbed out and decided to take the bus.

Grammar-mania! Exercise 10: Adverbs

1. Computers are relatively new devices.
2. Many businesses use them daily.
3. Today, very fast computers are needed.
4. They produce statistics quickly and accurately.
5. Generally, they are quite easy to use.
6. Many people have never used a computer.
7. The baby has been very cranky lately.
8. Finally, she wrote the very last sentence correctly.
9. She smiled brightly and said that she was really sorry.
10. Politely, he asked for a second helping.

Grammar-mania! Exercise 9: Adverbs

1. They arrived early for class.
2. Can you come soon?
3. She placed the crystal vase carefully on the table.
4. You cannot drive there!
5. The bus will arrive here at noon tomorrow.
6. Yesterday, the strikers blocked the driveway effectively
7. Rick gave his girlfriend an extremely expensive gift.
8. Kate is a truly courageous woman.
9. They finished their work surprisingly quickly.
10. The weather turned really hot at the beach during this last week.

Grammar-mania! Exercise 8: Adjectives

1. The little girl ran along the dusty road.
2. Six delicious cookies were cooling on the rack.
3. The dark brown painted dripped on the new white carpet.
4. A beautiful red rose bloomed in a quiet corner of that flower garden.
5. The old curtains were torn and faded, and they flapped in the light breeze.
6. After a few hours, they arrived at the train station, nine miles from Minto.
7. The hockey arena is located on Water Street beside the steel mill.
8. They used paper plates for the annual picnic.
9. These apples are juicy and red.
10. The long summer months are usually hot and dry.