100 WC Week 36

One hot summer day I saw a flying polar bear with wings in the sky above my house! I have to get it I thought so I got in to my expensive black jet plane. I flew up in to the sky and started to track down the polar bear a fast as I could. I was right beside it when I went through a cloud and lost track of it. “Oh no”! I said but then I saw it. I chucked my net at it and it fell in to the zoo. “Well” I thought “that sure was fun”.

Pakistan Reflection

•Make a list of some of the important thinks you learnt:

One of the important things I learn was how to stay on task and gather information. Before I used to get distracted by other things around me that are going on but now I have the ability to stay on task when needed and gather good information.

•What can you do now that you couldn’t do before? :

I can now use a very helpful website with lots of information that is very helpful called Microsoft Encarta for kids. Before I didn’t know this website but it is very reliable and has very good information not like some other sites that I have been on like Wikipedia.

•What or who helped me? :

My dad helped me by find some good web helpful sites to read information off and were reliable, he also kept me working when I thought I had finished. Microsoft Encarta also helped me with lots and lots of the information that I had gathered because I knew it was reliable.

•3 Facts:

The estimated population of Pakistan is 176,745,360. The population density of Pakistan is 215 people per square km and that is a lot more crowded than Australia! Some instrument the Muslim’s invented the sitar (a guitar like instrument) and the tabla (a small pair of hand drums). Pakistani rupee is the type of money used in Pakistan. One Australian dollar is equal to 103 Rs.

•2 Understandings:

I understand that Pakistan has different religions to Australia and they worship different gods and different traditions and festivals. Pakistan and Australia have very different land spaces, Pakistan is very densely populated and Australia is not very crowded at all.

•1 Wondering:

I wonder how Pakistan will evolve over the years and if there population will grow in size and get very dense or get smaller and easier to get around.

Daily Dash

Winter sports was the best thing since sliced bread. Every time something strange happens like last week it was cancelled because they thought a meteor was going to hit the pitch! This week I was hope nothing bad happens, but it probably will. Vroom the bus started up and we were on our way I was trying to predict what would happen I was just thinking of my best prediction when we arrived. We all got out ready to play then it was time to play. Just as we were ready I heard a rumble and a shake in the ground. Run! Shouted the ref we sprinted of the pitch just in time and with a loud bang the pitch exploded! “Well” I said that was a very interesting game of winter sports. The end

Asian project facts


Sir Stanford Raffles founded Singapore.



Lee Kuan Yew was the first prime minister.

Hong Kong

It’s in China.

Generally cool weather.

Has a Disneyland.


South Korea



Psy came from there.

Seoul is the capital.



They have two seasons.

People run on roads.

They dance to show feelings.


It’s in south east Asia.

Won Malaysian soccer cup.

They have a lot of sugar cane.


Mid-size country.

22,620,600 population.

Yen is the currency.


1.3 billion population.

Has the Great wall of China.

Most famous animal is the giant panda.

North Korea

In east Asia.

Small country.

Known for taekwondo.



2.75 million population. National costume is Deel.

Ulaan is the capital.



Sri lanka

In Indian ocean.

21 million population.



East Timor

Small country. Capital city Dili. 1,107,432 population



In south east Asia. Manila is the capital.

9.656 million population



In central Asia.

Small country.

Use to be called Berma.

Papua New-Guinea

Kokoda trail.

6 million population.

Not compulsory to go to school.


In south east Asia.

242,325,638 population.

40,000 different plants.


In southern Asia.

Capital Dhaka.

150 million population.

Cambodia Insoutheast Asia.

13,995, 000 population. Rice fields and forests.



11.98 million population.

Moscow is the capital.

In northern Asia.


Once Portragues. Religan is Muslim.

28,334,135 population.



In south east Asia. Surrounded by water.

6.5 million population.


In south east Asia.

Second largest country in the world. The golden temple.


In south east Asia.

Mostly Buddhists. Discovered in 1511.


Communist country.

Tet festival.

87,840,000 population.


In north east Asia.

4.6 million population.

Has a multi-party


100 WC week 35

The light was so bright and I had left out a magnifying glass out on the front veranda and the sun was shinning through it and burning a hole! Oh no I said as I saw a flame leap up at the window I quickly rushed outside and tried to find water to put it out with put the tap wouldn’t turn. I was panicking now if I didn’t do something it would burn down the house. Then the fire melted through the water pipe and sent water spraying up putting out the fire! The house was saved.

100 WC Week 34

One misty night a night zoo keeper was walking around the zoo watching the animals as usual when he saw a short glimpse of a shining blue eye. The keeper quickly spun around to see a big brown bear loose from his enclosure and it was disturbing all the other animals and waking up all the other animals from their sleep! “I wonder how he got out” thought the zoo keeper to himself. He had to think fast but his mind was completely blank! Can you think of a way to get the bear back into its enclosure? Can you?