Historical Fiction

It was a cold and windy day and Maxwell was shivering and trying to shelter himself from the icy wind. He was homeless, wearing only rags to warm him, but the only thing he could think about was food. He needed food. Finally he came to a decision. He would steal some, just a small something to cure his hunger. So he set of sliding silently through the black shadows to try and conceal him from people.

Finally he reached a house were a dim light shone and the smell of hot bread drifting through the window. Maxwell looked through the window to see a piece of un-touched bread sitting on the table. Slowly and carefully he slid open the window and climbed into the house where a small fire was blazing, making amber ashes leap up, making it look alive. Maxwell crept up to the table and grabbed the bread, leapt out the window and was gone. Later that night, Maxwell heard shouts of astonishment and a male voice shouting to call the police because his bread had been stolen. Thoughts were rushing through Maxwell’s head as he once again heard the shouts. “I must run away to safety!” he thought as he walked silently down a deserted street. Then he caught a glimpse of a sign reading:

“Titanic Maiden Voyage on 10th April to New York”

“Yes” “This is my chance to escape!” said Maxwell eagerly. So he went to sleep with happy thoughts, not knowing that his decision would only make his life worse…

The next morning, Maxwell woke to the sound of shuffling feet and murmurs of impatient voices all waiting to board the Titanic. Maxwell thought through his plan carefully, he would blend in with the hundreds of other people in the crowd and get to board without a ticket. So while everyone was distracted he slipped into the next group of people boarding, but the guard saw Maxwell and picked him up by his collar. Maxwell kicked violently at the guard trying to break his grip, but his attempts were hopeless, doing nothing but wasting his energy. Then Maxwell bit into the guards arm and the guard let go with a yelp and Maxwell scrambled out of the guards reach and aboard the Titanic. Maxwell ran hurriedly around the huge ship, trying to find a room to hide in, then finding a room he pushed open the door and slammed it shut causing a heavy object to dislodge itself from the shelf and to fall on Maxwell’s head.

Two days later he woke up wearily feeling a big lump on his head and beside him lay a smashed bottle of whisky with the contents spilt over his head. Maxwell stood up, reaching for the door handle to stabilise himself from falling over, he started pushing against the door to open it, but it was locked! Maxwell pushed, rammed and hammered at the door in a blind effort to try and open it. Physically defeated and sweating with effort, Maxwell flopped on the bed and drifted into a deep sleep.

Maxwell woke to the sound of shouting voices and flares blasting into the sky. As Maxwell looked around the room the found that the door was wide open and swinging on its hinges with the lock on the floor. Maxwell rushed onto the deck to see lifeboats drifting away from the ship. “What happened?” asked Maxwell to one of the men. “The ship hit an iceberg and it’s sinking!” “The lifeboats have all been sent out, so unless another ship arrives we’re all dead!” he replied in a worried tone.

Suddenly all the happiness drained out of Maxwell and fear replaced it. Maxwell lay down on the deck, knowing that he would die here in the icy cold water with no trace that he ever existed at all. So he closed his eyes and fell asleep thinking about what could have happened to him if he hadn’t boarded this terrible ship…

100 WC Week 2

One day I thought that I would go fishing. I walked up to the nearest lake, but what I didn’t  know was it was a toxic wast dump. I cast my rod with my worm on the end. Then I sensed something was wrong, bubbles started to rise and pop at the surface and the smell of burnt  flesh drifted through the air. So I hurriedly pulled in my worm but it wasn’t a worm any more, it was some mutated beast! So I dropped it back in to the lake and ran back home as fast as I could.

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 8 Question t

Ian started with the same number of marbles as his brother Francis. After winning 4 marbles from Francis, Ian realises he now has twice as many marbles as his brother. How many marbles does Ian have now?

First I worked out that they had to have started with a number that when you take 4 away and add 4 to the other one you get double the lower number with the higher number.

Then I used the proses of elimination until I got to 12 because it worked.

12-4=8 and 12+4=16

So Ian now has 16 marbles.


Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 7 Question 24

In the addition problem shown, the letters A, B, C and D stand for different digits. If A<B<C<D what number does ABCD represent?


_B C D

+   C D

2 9 6 8

First I Figured out that D+D+D has to be 18 because 8  can’t be divided by 3 evenly then put the 1 from the 18 above the C. So D must be 6.

Then I figured out that C can’t be two because there is still the 1  from the 18 so C+C+C+1 has to equal 16  then put the 1 from the 16 above the B. So C must be 5.

Then I worked out that B+B+1 has to be  nine, so B must be 4.

Then A has to equal 2.

So then answer is 2456