100 WC Week 9

The violent storm was still going. It had raged for 15 days, causing mayhem and destruction to the poor towns that were experiencing it. Lightning flashed, rain bucketed down and clouds blocked the sun. The streets were flooded, the houses were destroyed and the farmer’s crops were ruined. After 16 more days of this terrible suffering, the storm had finally died down but the town was nothing but streets littered with fallen trees and splintered and destroyed wooden panels from houses. The plan is to rebuild this town, reporters say it will take years. It was the worst storm ever.

CSI VS Reality

In reality, there are no ‘cool dark blue lights’ that CSI use in movies, there are bright light so the scientists can see what they are doing and look for finer details. Also in reality they never use the word ‘match’, because things may look the same but they are never a ‘match’ unless they have the same DNA, in CSI they use ‘match’ just by looking at the shape.

100 WC Week 8

Slowly and grimly, the creature walked towards the house. The creature had eyes of fire, blazing red with anger, hatred and rage. Its claws were grey in colour, long, sharp and cracked, dripping with warm red sticky blood from its latest kill. The mouth was set in a straight line, yellow decaying fangs sticking out with tips of purple poison waiting to kill, and saliva drooled from its open mouth. It wore blood stained rags, which were ripped and torn in places, revealing scars, grazes and bruises from battles and fights. It was a horrifying, monstrous and, heart stopping sight.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 2 Question 24

Deduce the 3-digit secret number.

[A ‘cow’ means a number is correct in value but is in the wrong position.

A ‘bull’ shows that a number is both correct in value and in the right position.

i.e. 2 cows and 1 bull would indicate that all three numbers were correct but two were in the wrong positions.]

guess | secret number | cows | bulls




To work this out, on the second row I saw that there was no cows or bulls so none of those numbers are in it.

Then because no numbers in the second row are in it, I crossed out all the numbers on row 1 and 3 that were in row 2.

guess | secret number | cows | bulls




Then in row 3, 6 and 8 are in the wrong positions but in row 1, 6 is in the right place and 4 is as well so 8 goes in the 2nd column.

So the answer is 486!



Daily Dash

“Thank goodness it’s Friday”. It’s been a very busy week. Said Max as the bell rang to start another day of school. Earlier in the week the schools science lab had caught fire and the fire brigade had to come to put it out and a tree fell down in the wind and made another tree fall over smashing a hole in a wall.

“It has been a rather frantic week” replied Will as they entered the classroom. then an announcement came over the loudspeaker “Excuse the interruption teachers and students, the oval will be off limits due to the fact that the pool has flooded and now the oval is extremely muddy” “thank you”. There goes our game of soccer” said Will disappointedly to Max. Just after everyone sat down they heard a clang sound to see the doors of the pet frogs Jim and Joe hanging wide open on its hinges. There was silence then someone screamed as they felt a wet slimy object touch their leg. Then the teacher came in, collected the frog and put it into its home. “Sit down and be quiet, all of you!” yelled the teacher. “Ok open your books to page 79 and complete it by 9:40” she ordered.

“Thank goodness it’s Friday!” said Max after lunch as they headed to class. “Only one more session to go!” said Will. Finally after one painfully slow lesson, school was finished and Max and Will ran out the gait to enjoy the weekend ahead of them until Monday were the trouble would start again. Then Fred ran after them and gave them some papers. He said “Here’s some homework that we need to do, you two forgot it. “Oh no” groaned   Will and Max and they took it with annoyance. “This is just as bad as school” said Max, Will and Fred laughed. Next Monday when the teacher asked for Max and Will’s homework they looked guiltily at each other. “The dog ate it?” tried Max helplessly. “Detention both of you! yelled their teacher. “This is the worst” Will whispered to Max as they sat waiting to get out of detention.

100 WC Week 7

Slowly the sky got darker as the dark grey clouds blocked out the sun, welcoming rain to fall and the freezing wind to blow harshly. It was the end of the world. I ran for cover as trees crashed to the ground, causing dust to billow up from the ground. Then I heard a long, deep rumbling sound and felt the ground shaking beneath me. I looked up and saw a building. The glass was cracking and the concrete was crumbling. Before I knew what was happening it was nearly on top of me. Then it hit the hard ground…