Creative Writing Group Week 3

This week we were told to write down a prompt on a piece of paper and put it in a box. Then we had to pick one and we had to write a story with that prompt. We also had to write a story with a genre that we were given and include a ball, a box, sticky tape,a bell and some fluff.

Then we got to make a chocolate factory of our own. We had to write and ad for it and draw some pictures for it as well. We came up with lots of different creative ideas for rooms in the factory and it was lots of fun to do.

Dr Wilfrid Derome

Dr Wilfrid Derome was born in Napierville, Canada 1877. He was a toxicologist, ballistics, biologist, graphologist, judicial and forensic photographer and had two occupations- a doctor and a scientist. He was the founder of the first Forensic science laboratory in North America and directed it until his death in 1931 at the age of 54 He died of uremia. The laboratory contributes to improving scientific methods. The laboratory he founded is called Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale.

In 1898 he received the Bachelor of Arts and won the French Hall of Fame in 2011 even though he was dead. There is now an award called the Derome Award and was first established and awarded to James Alexander Churchman in 1991. The award is presented to Pioneers of Forensic scientists every year and was named in honour of Dr Wilfrid Derome who was a pioneer himself.

In his career, he was the associate editor of the American Journal Police Science and added two articles in 1930 and helped solve the Delrome murder in 1922 and the Hochelaga Bank Robbery in 1924. He became the only accredited physician officially by the Government of Quebec for analysis and expertise to the government.

Dr Derome studied at the College of Montreal, Sainte-Marie College and Joliette Seminary. At the University of Paris he studied Legal Medicine and got a doctorate of medicine from the University Laval in Montreal.

Wilfrid invented the microspherometer, which can raise marks left on bullets fired from a gun to identify things like the type of firearm it was fired from. He became the first expert in North America to tell how much alcohol is in someone’s blood and do alcohol tests used as evidence in trial. Dr Derome also invented the technique of ball rolling or bullet rolling. The technique was to roll a ball on carbon paper or tin and find dent and scratches on it.

Click here to listen to me read my project –>Wilfrid Derome Recording

100 WC Week 12

A letter in a bottle was set out to sea on a rough and stormy day. The bottle was thrown around on the tremendous blue waves and then the huge storm stopped. The bottle floated on the calm sea with not a wave in sight. Then it hit a beach. A boy, who happened to be walking along the shore, found the bottle and picked it up. Inside was a note that said: To the people in need. The boy smiled and set the bottle back out to sea for another journey to find the people who really needed it.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 6 Question 22

Move one match to make this statement correct.

\/| + || = |||

(+ is two match sticks: – and | and = is two match sticks – and –

To work this out, i figured that the sum was in Roman numerals.

So the equation is: 6+2=3

Then I worked out that is I move the | from the plus and put it next to the || it would become ||| (3) and the + would become -.

So the answer is \/| – ||| = |||.

100 WC Week 11

Remembering yesterday and what I did I was unaware of anything around me and I suddenly felt a pain in my head as a metal pole slammed in to my head. I sat on the sidewalk, trying to remember what happened but my mind wasn’t working and I couldn’t think of anything. Just then I saw a letter in my hand and I suddenly knew what I was doing! I was going to the post office to deliver a letter to my friend. So I continued walking to deliver the letter to the post office remembering what had just happened.

Creative Writing Group Week 2


This week we talked about the process of editing writing. We discussed the different types of editing and what that part does. We looked at a book that was published a long time ago and talked about things that should have been corrected like age appropriate words and grammar.

We also talked about books we read and what we thought was good and what we thought needed to improve and how interesting we thought it was.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 5 Question 23

The digit sum for 126 is 1+2+6, or 9. The digit sum for 300 is 3+0+0, or 3. Find the two consecutive numbers that have digit sums of 36 and 1.

To work this out I worked out that 1 had to be 1, 10, 100, ect. But it had to be a number consecutive to a group of numbers that equal 36.

Then I worked out that the numbers that add up to 36 had to be 9+9+9+9 because that equals 36 and it is consecutive to 10,ooo and 1+0+0+0+0 is 1.

So 9999 and 10,000 is your answer.

100 WC Week 10

Last night our town was flooded. Everything was soaked and the streets were like shallow swimming pools. As I was walking around my backyard, I saw that our scarecrow was missing. “He must of drifted down to the river” I thought, because our house is right next to the river and our fence has some holes in it. As I walked down the river, I saw a pair of gumboots and jeans sticking out of the water! I jumped back in shock, I thought it was a person! As I looked more closely  I saw that it was our scarecrow.

Creative Writing Group Week 1

A small group of people and I were selected to do a creative writing course to improve our writing skills with a book editor.

This week we were just getting to know each other by doing 6 word memoir that describes us. I thought it was very challenging to do because I just couldn’t make one that describes me. We also did 6 word memoirs on our favourite book character, which I found was a lot easier.

Then we tried To make a story by each person saying one sentence to add on to it. We ended up making two stories, each of them started to get of the main plot and go of somewhere else.

I enjoyed my first creative writing lesson an I am looking forward to the next one already.