Creative Writing Group Week 5

This was our last week of the creative writing group and we started of by reading out our dialogue stories. Then we gave feedback on what we thought was good and what we thought they could work on.

Then we worked on editing the writing pieces we did on week 3. We edited the one that was given to us and then wrote a comment at the bottom. At the end we were asked to write a piece of writing describing a portal that we decided to make. We had to have 5-10 rules once you go though the portal, who is allowed through the portal, were it is located, what it looks like and were it leads to. Then it was time to leave our last creative writing session.


Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 8 Question 22

Move one match stick to make this statement correct.

\/ + | = \/

To work this out I discovered that the question was in roman numerals so the actual question would be 5+1=5, which is wrong.

Then I move the horizontal match stick from the + and put it in front of the \/ after the = so now the sum is \/ – | = |\/ or 5-1=4 and that works so thats the answer.


100 WC Week 15

A white magical mist floated out of the canvas as the painter lightly touched his brush against it. The painter began to draw a sandwich. When he had finished, a ray of light shone through the window on to the canvas and the sandwich was lifted out of the painting and into the artist’s hands. The person with him stared in amazement as the artist lifted the sandwich to his mouth and took a big bite. Then he drew a fire the light shone and out came a blazing fire. The canvas was soon ablaze. Soon no trace of it remained.

Creative Writing Group Week 4

This week we worked on dialogue and speech in writing. We talked about how too much dialogue in a story was bad and what makes a good conversation between characters.

We were told to write a piece of writing with just dialogue with a certain prompt. I found it hard to write because you couldn’t describe the scene.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 7 Question 23

The digit sum for 95 is 9=5 or 14. How many two-digit numbers have a digit sum of 9?

To work this out I figured out that you needed to have 2 numbers that add up to 9 in the 2 digit number. E.g 1=8=9 so 18 would be one.

These are the ones I got: 18 27 36 45 54 63 72 81 90

There are 9 of then so 9 is the answer!



100 WC Week 14

And then the noise stopped. I don’t know why it stopped, it… just stopped. The sound of snoring that had once filled the house was no gone. My heart pounded as I listened for the snoring but the only thing that I heard was a low growl. I pulled my covers over my head and lay still and silent. Then I heard the sound of feet on wood and it was becoming louder and louder by the second. Creak… I listened to the heart-stopping sound of my bedroom door slowly, slowly opening. Then a dark shadow loomed over my bed.


A Snapshot In Time

Splash! I heard the sound of my line hit the water and as the watery ripples formed on the blue surface, I knew it was a good cast. The rain was pouring down and I felt the cold splashes of water on my hands and legs. I smelt the rotten bait as I slid a slimy piece on to my hook. The chilling wind was blowing on my face and smelt the salty sea air as I waited for a bite. I saw the kids jump and shout in excitement as a fish was pulled  from the water.