Spelling Week 5

Activity One:

A Roll is a list, action or a food. A Role is a job or task.

One vice is a clamp. Another is a word for second in command .E.g. Vice President.

Won means to have achieved a victory. One is a number before two.

Council is like a community or group. Counsel is to give advice to someone.

One lie means to tell an untruth. Another is an action. E.g. To lie down.

One tear is to rip apart. Another is something that formes when you cry.

Activity Two:

Government: A group of people with the power to govern a country.

Democracy: It’s a system of government were the citizens elect their leader.

Premier: A premier is a leader or a boss of a government.

Election: An organized way to vote for a political officer.

Mayor: Head of a town in England or Whales and Northern Ireland.

Activity Three:

The Mayor of our local council has approved a project to build a road through a local park. My mother wrote to our local member to say rights of children had been denied. As a tax payer she felt she had to have her say as did many other people who also sent their objections through the mail. The road has been allowed to go ahead anyway. The council won.

100 WC Week 23

Pushing thought the earth make a loud whirring noise was a large drill. A company was trying to find gold deep down in caves. The director was shouting instructions to the workers to work faster. The sound of drills and hammers could be heard echoing though the caverns as tunnels were dug and support beams constructed. Then one day disaster struck. A drill hid a huge vein of gold, they’d struck it rich but as they began to mine it out the cave started to collapse. Rocks were dislodged from the ceiling and the support beams broke. Very few miners survived the horrible incident.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 2 Problem

Question 24: Fill in the missing digits, given that no digits are repeated.


+48[]                                                                                                                                                ———-                                                                                                                                                [][]9

Predict: I predict that this will be about addition and problem solving.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: Fill in the missing numbers to make correct sum, repeating no digits.


1. First I worked out what 7+?=9 is which is 2.

2.Then I worked out what ?+8+?was.I tried 5+8=3 because  3 had to be 13 because you can’t repeat any digits.

3.Then I had to carry the 1 from 13 so it would be 1+4+1=6.

4. Now your answer should look like this:


+482                                                                                                                                                ———-                                                                                                                                               639


Summary: I used the guess check and improve method.



Apple Technology


Bailey and I watched an interesting clip about apple technology and how it is much more complicated process than we thought.

The apple farmers spend millions of Australian dollars on apple technology, such as probes that take samples of the soil and send them to research labs to be tested if its healthy soil.

They use measuring tools to find out the soil moisture and leaf temperature so they can add different federalizes to help the apples grow to their best.

Apples still have to be hand checked so the good ones get to the supermarket and the bad ones get juiced so they don’t waste any apples.

One insight was that they store apples in rooms with only 3% oxygen so that you can get fresh all year round because the rooms keep the apples healthy.

Another insight was that each apple gets 20 photos taken of it when it goes through the a machine to check if it is damaged or bruised in any way, so the only the best apples get sent out to the public for your health and well-being.

One question I still have is: How is the juicing process done and how they bottle it when their done? Also is it reconstituted or not?

100 WC Week 22

On a cold and windy night, were the treetops blew sideways from the force of the wind a man slashed his way through the overgrown ferns and vines. A few minutes later he came to a house painted green. It was a small house, made of wood and had glass windows. Then man walked up to the door and knocked. The door slowly opened but there was no one inside. Quietly the man walked into the house and could see why no one lived there. There was a tiger with blood soaked teeth and a dead man at his feet.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 1 Problem

Question 23: Which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

Predict: I Think this will be about addition and subtraction.

Clarify: Balance-each side needs to be equal/even weight

Find the big picture: Swap to weight so both sides are equal


1. Added up each side to see the weight of then I found the left hand side weighed 16 kg and the right weighed 12 kg

2. I used trial and error to find which weights you had to swap and found out that if you swap 9 and 7 both sides equal 14.

Summary: I used the guess check and improve method


Class Application

Dear Jess,

I think I should be in this class because I am good at collaborating with others, kind and organised.

I am good at collaborating with others because I play a team sport (hockey) and we always need to communicate with our teammates so we can win the game. I can collaborate with people of all ages, which will be very useful in future times.

I can be very kind to other people. I let them use my stuff if they forgot theirs or don’t have it. I always help people when they are struggling with things and do jobs when needed.

I am very good at listening and always listen attentively when others are giving instructions or speeches and always pay attention when people are giving me tips, advice or constructive feedback so I know what I should work on or improve so I can do my best next time.

I am very organised because every morning before school I’m able to practice each instrument that I play for 10-15 minutes and then get ready for school in time. I always get my homework in on the required date because I always plan when I’ll get them done.

I believe I should be in this class because I’m very good at collaborating, I’m very kind to everybody, I’m good at listening and very organised