100 WC Week 30

And when I opened the cupboard door, I felt a strange fear.  I looked around trying to figure out what it was, felling anxious the whole time. Then I tripped over. I started to get up when I saw the shape, I could make out a dark bird like creature hanging from the roof, with its talons at the ready.  I got to my feet and ran, with the monster not far behind. I made a mistake. Within seconds I felt a sharp pain as the monster’s talons pierced my skin and left a gaping wound. I fell to the ground, and never saw the creature again…

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 1 Problem

Question 22:

Four pencils cost as much as two erasers. How much are twelve pencils if one eraser is $1.50?

Predict: I think this will be about addition.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Find The Big Picture: How much do twelve pencils cost?


First  I found out the price of two erasers and that was $3.00

The I worked out that you would need to triple the four pencils to get to twelve, which also means you have to triple $3.00, which is $9.00. So $9.00 is the answer.

Summary: I used the write an equation strategy.


Spelling Week 10

Activity One:

One day a trespasser walked thought my farm. When I caught him he said he was only trying to find his licence for the inderpendent club because it blew away in the wind. I said I would let him of this time, because I had to go to a parliamentary party and I still had to do my report on tertiary education.


Activity Two:

Suffragettes: Women looking for the right to vote.

Tertiary: Third in level.

Judiciary: The judicial authorities of one country.

Jurisprudence: The theory of Law.

Legislation: Laws that define if something is legal or not.


Activity Three

A. “Which side of the river do you think we should stake our claim?” asked the prospector.

B. The witch used magic to turn fool’s gold into real gold.

C. The police constable insisted that the gold diggers identify which of their fellow miners were claim jumpers.

D. “Do you think the witch in the story was real or imaginary?” asked the student.

E. “Which gold coach should we bail up next?” asked the bushranger.

F. On which continent did the Spaniards search fruitlessly for the fabled City of Gold which was named “El Dorado, The Gilded one”?


Activity Four

A. Weather, wether and whether-One is the temperature or condition of a time, One is a castrated sheep or goat and one is a way of saying maybe if this doesn’t happen.

B. Way, weigh and whey- One is a path to a place, one is a way of finding something’s weight and one is the watery part of curdled milk.

C. Wear, where and we’re- One is to have something on the body, one is a word used to ask questions and one is a shorter version of we are.

D. Praise, prays and preys- One is something you give someone, one is something given to god and one is something that an animal does to its food.

E. Saw, soar and sore-One is a tool, one is an action and one is a cut or bruise.

F. Wails, Wales and whales- One is a sound, one is a place and one is a mammal.

G. Right, write and rite-One is something that is done correctly, one is putting words on paper and one is a religious act or ceremony.

H. Awe, oar and ore- One is a feeling of respect, one is something used for rowing a boat and one is a material.