100 WC Week 37

But that’s what happens in Brazil when I’m about to play. Their whole country is cheering for them when they come on, because they know the same thing I do. We were going to lose. Then I wake up. I rush to the TV, to see if the dream was true. It was. We had lost. The Brazilians were celebrating. I was so disappointed. I was so sure we would win. But I guess the dream I had was real. What if all the dreams I had were real? The next night I wake up from a dream about winning.

One thought on “100 WC Week 37

  1. thank you for entering! Although you didn’t specifically say that this was a football dream, I wonder whether it was? We had hoped to encourage you to think out of the box a little bit and not write about football… Other than that, it’s a good wee story but you could make it even stronger by using more WOW words – adjectives and verbs to make it a little more lively.

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