Spelling Term 4 Week 7







Carbon dioxide


Nitrous oxide




Activity Three:

Vitamin: Text to self-I eat vitamin Cs for colds. Text to world-Other people eat vitamins to keep healthy.

Particles: Text to self-I learnt about particles in GTAC. Text to world-The world has lots of particles in it.

Temperature: Text to self-I have experienced different types of temperature. Text to world-The world’s temperature is constantly changing.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 7 Question 22

Which deal costs less per litre?

A) $32 for 4 L

B) $8.50 for 1 L

Predict: I thought this question would be about division or multiplication.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: What deal is cheaper per litre?


First I worked what 8.50 x 4 was, because it was only 1 litre, and the other deal was 4 litres, and 8.50 x 4 was $33.50 for 4 L.

So A is $32 per 4 litres, and B is $33.50 per 4 litres. So A is the answer, because it is $1.50 less than B per 4 litres.

Summary: I used the work backwards method.


Spelling Term 4 Week 6

Activity One:

Expedition: A group of people going on a journey for a particular purpose. (Noun)

Researcher: Somebody who researches things. (Noun)

Alliance: Any two or more groups that work together to benefit themselves. (Noun)

Specialised: To be an expert in a subject or skill. (Verb)

Antarctica: A large continent around the South Pole. (Noun)


Activity Two:

Expedition changes to expeditions (Rule: add s)

Recommendation changes to recommendations (Rule: add s)

Researcher changes to researchers (Rule: add s)

Territory changes to territories (Rule: drop the y and add ies)

Alliance changes to alliances (Rule: add s)


Activity Three:

Their car is over there and they’re walking over to it.

He went to the ice-cream shop and had two ice-creams, but he was too full to finish them.

To go to the fair, you have to pay a fare.

We’re looking for the place where you find clothes to wear.

He had a medical practice where he will practise surgery.


Maths Mater Term 4 Sheet 6 Question 24

Question: Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 6 Empty

Predict: I thought this problem would be about multiplication.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: What are the missing numbers?


First I worked out that 3×6 is 18 so I put the 8 down and carried the 1.

Then I worked out that 3x? had to be 12 because plus the 1 would be 13, and that was 3×4, so I put down the 4 and carried the 1,

Finally I worked out that 3×2 is 6, plus the 1 is 7, so I put the 7 in the last box.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 6 Solved

Summary: I used the guess, check and improve method.