Solar Energy

What is the environmental impact for this energy source?

Solar does not produce air pollution, water pollution and dose not create greenhouse gases. They can impact environment because when they are made they use toxic materials. They also clear  land space to build solar factories and to build solar farms and leave animals without a habitat or reduced.

Who uses this energy source?

Families, commercials, industrial factories and office buildings

Why might they use this energy source?

To heat water because they live in distant places

Plus Minus Interesting
It is renewable and it will not run out.

It is a good source of power for people who live in different places.

It’s cheap to run.

Toxic products are used to make them.

They clear habitats to make solar farms.

Clearing habitats has an impact on animals.

They do not make greenhouse gases.

Solar energy is completely free.

Germany is the highest user of solar energy.

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