Canberra Camp

I couldn’t believe it when the bus finally rolled to a halt at camp. For 10 hours we had been travelling on the bus and were glad to be off it.

After one long, tiring and boring bus ride we were put into our cabins. And then our cabin was sent to duty group to set up for dinner. On the first night?!

The next morning we had breakfast and were off to the National Museum. We saw Pharlap’s heart there, and compared to a human’s heart, it was huge! Next, we went on a rotating cinema, which was more interesting than a normal one.

Then we went to the National Film and Sound Archive and learnt that “Felix the Cat” was made on a special type of tape that was hard to keep an look after, because it melted really easily, so it was rare to find it.

After, we soon arrived at Questacon and did the “Freefall” which was a type of partly vertical slide. Then we went all the way up the ramp to the top floor and the came back down through the levels to look at the exhibitions.

After all those tiring activities, we had a relaxing dinner. And then went swimming. We went to the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) pool and nearly had the whole thing to ourselves.

At 6:30 in the morning, we were woken up to get ready and go to breakfast. Then it was off the the old parliament house for some history.

We learnt that the speaker was the leader of the House of Representatives, and the mace (a golden staff with a crown on top) always pointed to the government’s side. Then we learned how voting worked and had a go ourselves.

The next thing we knew, we were walking up Anzac Drive to the War Memorial, looking at the statues that were there. Once we were at the Memorial, we had a tour of it and saw the wall of the names of all the people who fought in the war. It was very sad that there were so many of them.

After yet another dinner, we were up at Telstra Tower, looking over the whole of Canberra.

In the morning, we headed off to Parliament House. We saw the Senate and the House of Representatives in action. We also met Johan our old principle and Bill shorten.

We left Parliament and went to CSIRO. We watched a 3D movie about what they did. Then we went to the AIS. Again.

We got to have a go at soccer, hockey, dodge ball and sock wrestling. But we only got to have a go at 3 of them. We also did something called “Sportex” which was where we got to do sports on TVs, so they were like games.

Once we got back to camp we had dinner and the came back to the auditorium to watch a movie called Mr Peabody and Sherman.

5:30 on the last day, we cleaned up our cabins, had breakfast, and left our last camp for primary school. It was a fun, exciting and interesting camp, but we were all glad to be going home.


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