100 WC Week 40

‘But I’m afraid it’s the last one’, she said to boy. The forest was dark and wet, with shadows of the trees cast on the ground. ‘You have to leave it behind’ said the boy. Reluctantly, she let the piece of paper slip from her hands and fall to the ground. They turned and ran away, just as a pack of wolves bounded into the clearing, howling in dismay as they desperately turned up the earth, looking for some trace of people but found nothing but the scented paper they had been following. The boy and girl didn’t look back.

100 WC Week 29

But I couldn’t find the egg! I looked everywhere, but I still couldn’t find it! I crawled through the long grass, parting the blades and peered through the undergrowth. I looked desperately for an oval-shaped, dull grey object. I saw it fall into the long grass from the tree and now I’m trying to find it. Then I saw it. It was lying open on the grass, its sticky centre spread over the ground, glowing a brilliant yellow colour. I fell to the ground in despair, knowing that I had failed my mission, and failed the bird in the egg.

100 WC Week 37

But that’s what happens in Brazil when I’m about to play. Their whole country is cheering for them when they come on, because they know the same thing I do. We were going to lose. Then I wake up. I rush to the TV, to see if the dream was true. It was. We had lost. The Brazilians were celebrating. I was so disappointed. I was so sure we would win. But I guess the dream I had was real. What if all the dreams I had were real? The next night I wake up from a dream about winning.

100 WC Week 36

Everyone lived a quiet, peaceful life in Tinytown. Nothing much happened apart from the occasional mouse. But this day was different. While people walked through the busy streets, a large egg-like projectile smashed into the ground, sending its gooey centre all over the side walk and onto passing citizens. Soon, workers were on the scene, cleaning up the mess it made. Soon after that police were there trying to put together the puzzle of where it came and what it was. The goo was dangerous was all they could work out. A day after, another large egg fell, and another…

100 WC Week 35

I was shivering as the cold rain whipped at my face and legs. I was standing in front of a black gateway leading to the old factory. My friend and I were running through the yard, the gravel crunching under our feet. Then we were at the door. It loomed above us like it was daring us to go in. I pushed the door and stopped. I looked inside and saw… nothing? It was just a big empty space falling apart nothing special about it at all. I turned back but my friend wasn’t there. And neither was the gateway…

100 WC Week 34

But where could I go? I could hear the screeching sounds getting closer and closer and I had nowhere to go! My heart was beating fast, as I say my escape.  There in the dark shadows was a ledge, almost invisible. My palms were sweating as I clambered up onto the ledge. By now the screeching was almost ear-splitting, and then I saw them. They looked like lizards and they walked on their back legs like humans. I closed my eyes and waited. And then they were gone. But were?  Then I felt a cold, scaly hand on my shoulder…

100 WC Week 33

I think Lucy should go to school because it would be a great experience for her to learn to read and write because it would help her through life and she could be an independent person. I think Lucy would be able to get to school with a wheelchair or crutches, so she could get there by herself and be able to walk. A primary education would be a great and I think that Lucy should deserve to get one. It is sad to think that 57 million children don’t go to school and 24 million of them are disabled.

100 WC Week 32

Some of the words sounded like a foreign language, but I could still pick out some English words even if there were very few. The people wore black robes, with hoods pulled over their faces, concealing them from view and talked in hushed tones. They were talking about ‘burn’ and ‘now’ and ‘where’ but they all sounded harmless to me. That night there was a fire. The town hall was burnt to the ground, but got no further because of the stone paths and there was no breeze. The two people were soon arrested and life continued in the town.  

100 WC Week 31

The two explorers looked in wonder as they found a giant creature with black and yellow stripes on the ground. They poked and prodded it with sticks, took some photos and came to the decision, it wasn’t edible. They still weren’t quite sure what it was but it wasn’t food and it was dead. One of the explorers walked around the back of it and felt a pain in his side. There was a big black barb in it. He clutched his side and fell over in agony, never to live again. As for his friend, a bird ate him.

100 WC Week 30

And when I opened the cupboard door, I felt a strange fear.  I looked around trying to figure out what it was, felling anxious the whole time. Then I tripped over. I started to get up when I saw the shape, I could make out a dark bird like creature hanging from the roof, with its talons at the ready.  I got to my feet and ran, with the monster not far behind. I made a mistake. Within seconds I felt a sharp pain as the monster’s talons pierced my skin and left a gaping wound. I fell to the ground, and never saw the creature again…