Creative Writing Group Week 5

This was our last week of the creative writing group and we started of by reading out our dialogue stories. Then we gave feedback on what we thought was good and what we thought they could work on.

Then we worked on editing the writing pieces we did on week 3. We edited the one that was given to us and then wrote a comment at the bottom. At the end we were asked to write a piece of writing describing a portal that we decided to make. We had to have 5-10 rules once you go though the portal, who is allowed through the portal, were it is located, what it looks like and were it leads to. Then it was time to leave our last creative writing session.


Creative Writing Group Week 4

This week we worked on dialogue and speech in writing. We talked about how too much dialogue in a story was bad and what makes a good conversation between characters.

We were told to write a piece of writing with just dialogue with a certain prompt. I found it hard to write because you couldn’t describe the scene.

Creative Writing Group Week 3

This week we were told to write down a prompt on a piece of paper and put it in a box. Then we had to pick one and we had to write a story with that prompt. We also had to write a story with a genre that we were given and include a ball, a box, sticky tape,a bell and some fluff.

Then we got to make a chocolate factory of our own. We had to write and ad for it and draw some pictures for it as well. We came up with lots of different creative ideas for rooms in the factory and it was lots of fun to do.

Creative Writing Group Week 2


This week we talked about the process of editing writing. We discussed the different types of editing and what that part does. We looked at a book that was published a long time ago and talked about things that should have been corrected like age appropriate words and grammar.

We also talked about books we read and what we thought was good and what we thought needed to improve and how interesting we thought it was.

Creative Writing Group Week 1

A small group of people and I were selected to do a creative writing course to improve our writing skills with a book editor.

This week we were just getting to know each other by doing 6 word memoir that describes us. I thought it was very challenging to do because I just couldn’t make one that describes me. We also did 6 word memoirs on our favourite book character, which I found was a lot easier.

Then we tried To make a story by each person saying one sentence to add on to it. We ended up making two stories, each of them started to get of the main plot and go of somewhere else.

I enjoyed my first creative writing lesson an I am looking forward to the next one already.