The Ocean’s Storm

Lightning bolts flashed in the dark blue sky and the rain poured down into the ocean. The waves crashed against the ship’s side and water gushed over the soaked deck. The ship rolled over the endless waves as the storm raged on.

The captain shouted frantically at his crew trying to sort out the confusion aboard his ship. The harsh wind blew viciously, whipping the weathered faces of the sailors. The mast creaked menacingly like it was threatening to fall over.

Every time the ship was lifted onto a wave it tipped dangerously to one side, causing the crew to hang on for their lives, trying desperately not to fall into the icy cold depths of the ocean. Because once you fell in, there was no getting back out.

After many hours of this horrible situation, someone cried “land!”, although this was not the greatest news to the crew. It was land but not the type they wanted.

The cliff face rose up through the mist as the waves crashed against it, revealing a sharp barrier of rocks perfect for ripping a hole in a ship. The crew rowed with every last bit of strength they could summon.

Gradually the ship began its long and painfully slow turn away from the rocks. It was pushed and pulled by the waves like it was the ocean’s toy.

Eventually after the most tiring, horrifying and terrible moments of their lives, the crew heard the sound of sand grating under the ship’s hull. They had landed on the beach!

 Firm ground welcomed them as they jumped over the ship’s sides and ran ashore. They had survived the storm. The trees rustled in the wind, the moon shone brightly through the leaves and the crew’s fire cast shadows in the forest.


Tying Beginnings to Endings

In the last few sessions the grade 6s learnt how to tie beginnings to endings, so you know were you story is going to go and not just having no idea were it’s going to end. You can do it with different styles, like intense action, intriguing questions, sensory description, sound effects and feeling. To write my story I chose sound effects.

Thump thump thump! My footsteps echoed thought the temple as I strode up to the ancient relic. The staff. Bang! As I clasped my hands around the staff there was a explosion. Crack! Rocks fell from the ceiling and pillars were dislodged form the ground. Boom! The pillars smashed against the stone ground as I made my escape.

Creak! The doors whined as they began to close on their rusty hinges. Whoosh! The wind races thought my hair as I sprinted towards the doors, the staff in my hand. Clang! the huge doors slammed shut just as I lunged out into the open air. Smash! I heard the temple collapse behind me as dust bellowed out of the building.

Plink! Plonk! I heard the rain patter down on the canopy of trees above me as I journeyed through the jungle. Squawk! Squawk! Went the birds in the treetops as I began me long journey home, with the relic safe at last.

Apple Technology


Bailey and I watched an interesting clip about apple technology and how it is much more complicated process than we thought.

The apple farmers spend millions of Australian dollars on apple technology, such as probes that take samples of the soil and send them to research labs to be tested if its healthy soil.

They use measuring tools to find out the soil moisture and leaf temperature so they can add different federalizes to help the apples grow to their best.

Apples still have to be hand checked so the good ones get to the supermarket and the bad ones get juiced so they don’t waste any apples.

One insight was that they store apples in rooms with only 3% oxygen so that you can get fresh all year round because the rooms keep the apples healthy.

Another insight was that each apple gets 20 photos taken of it when it goes through the a machine to check if it is damaged or bruised in any way, so the only the best apples get sent out to the public for your health and well-being.

One question I still have is: How is the juicing process done and how they bottle it when their done? Also is it reconstituted or not?

A Snapshot In Time

Splash! I heard the sound of my line hit the water and as the watery ripples formed on the blue surface, I knew it was a good cast. The rain was pouring down and I felt the cold splashes of water on my hands and legs. I smelt the rotten bait as I slid a slimy piece on to my hook. The chilling wind was blowing on my face and smelt the salty sea air as I waited for a bite. I saw the kids jump and shout in excitement as a fish was pulled  from the water.

Daily Dash

“Thank goodness it’s Friday”. It’s been a very busy week. Said Max as the bell rang to start another day of school. Earlier in the week the schools science lab had caught fire and the fire brigade had to come to put it out and a tree fell down in the wind and made another tree fall over smashing a hole in a wall.

“It has been a rather frantic week” replied Will as they entered the classroom. then an announcement came over the loudspeaker “Excuse the interruption teachers and students, the oval will be off limits due to the fact that the pool has flooded and now the oval is extremely muddy” “thank you”. There goes our game of soccer” said Will disappointedly to Max. Just after everyone sat down they heard a clang sound to see the doors of the pet frogs Jim and Joe hanging wide open on its hinges. There was silence then someone screamed as they felt a wet slimy object touch their leg. Then the teacher came in, collected the frog and put it into its home. “Sit down and be quiet, all of you!” yelled the teacher. “Ok open your books to page 79 and complete it by 9:40” she ordered.

“Thank goodness it’s Friday!” said Max after lunch as they headed to class. “Only one more session to go!” said Will. Finally after one painfully slow lesson, school was finished and Max and Will ran out the gait to enjoy the weekend ahead of them until Monday were the trouble would start again. Then Fred ran after them and gave them some papers. He said “Here’s some homework that we need to do, you two forgot it. “Oh no” groaned   Will and Max and they took it with annoyance. “This is just as bad as school” said Max, Will and Fred laughed. Next Monday when the teacher asked for Max and Will’s homework they looked guiltily at each other. “The dog ate it?” tried Max helplessly. “Detention both of you! yelled their teacher. “This is the worst” Will whispered to Max as they sat waiting to get out of detention.

Historical Fiction

It was a cold and windy day and Maxwell was shivering and trying to shelter himself from the icy wind. He was homeless, wearing only rags to warm him, but the only thing he could think about was food. He needed food. Finally he came to a decision. He would steal some, just a small something to cure his hunger. So he set of sliding silently through the black shadows to try and conceal him from people.

Finally he reached a house were a dim light shone and the smell of hot bread drifting through the window. Maxwell looked through the window to see a piece of un-touched bread sitting on the table. Slowly and carefully he slid open the window and climbed into the house where a small fire was blazing, making amber ashes leap up, making it look alive. Maxwell crept up to the table and grabbed the bread, leapt out the window and was gone. Later that night, Maxwell heard shouts of astonishment and a male voice shouting to call the police because his bread had been stolen. Thoughts were rushing through Maxwell’s head as he once again heard the shouts. “I must run away to safety!” he thought as he walked silently down a deserted street. Then he caught a glimpse of a sign reading:

“Titanic Maiden Voyage on 10th April to New York”

“Yes” “This is my chance to escape!” said Maxwell eagerly. So he went to sleep with happy thoughts, not knowing that his decision would only make his life worse…

The next morning, Maxwell woke to the sound of shuffling feet and murmurs of impatient voices all waiting to board the Titanic. Maxwell thought through his plan carefully, he would blend in with the hundreds of other people in the crowd and get to board without a ticket. So while everyone was distracted he slipped into the next group of people boarding, but the guard saw Maxwell and picked him up by his collar. Maxwell kicked violently at the guard trying to break his grip, but his attempts were hopeless, doing nothing but wasting his energy. Then Maxwell bit into the guards arm and the guard let go with a yelp and Maxwell scrambled out of the guards reach and aboard the Titanic. Maxwell ran hurriedly around the huge ship, trying to find a room to hide in, then finding a room he pushed open the door and slammed it shut causing a heavy object to dislodge itself from the shelf and to fall on Maxwell’s head.

Two days later he woke up wearily feeling a big lump on his head and beside him lay a smashed bottle of whisky with the contents spilt over his head. Maxwell stood up, reaching for the door handle to stabilise himself from falling over, he started pushing against the door to open it, but it was locked! Maxwell pushed, rammed and hammered at the door in a blind effort to try and open it. Physically defeated and sweating with effort, Maxwell flopped on the bed and drifted into a deep sleep.

Maxwell woke to the sound of shouting voices and flares blasting into the sky. As Maxwell looked around the room the found that the door was wide open and swinging on its hinges with the lock on the floor. Maxwell rushed onto the deck to see lifeboats drifting away from the ship. “What happened?” asked Maxwell to one of the men. “The ship hit an iceberg and it’s sinking!” “The lifeboats have all been sent out, so unless another ship arrives we’re all dead!” he replied in a worried tone.

Suddenly all the happiness drained out of Maxwell and fear replaced it. Maxwell lay down on the deck, knowing that he would die here in the icy cold water with no trace that he ever existed at all. So he closed his eyes and fell asleep thinking about what could have happened to him if he hadn’t boarded this terrible ship…

A Snapshot In Time

I could feel my mouth going dry as my wheel slipped on the wet slippery rock. I was on a bike ride and the rain was pouring down on my hands making them numb and slippery on the grips. Splash! I rode through a puddle and mud flew up over my legs and back. I could feel the excitement in my mouth as I rode down a step muddy hill and felt my wet hands slipping of the grips and the wet mud spraying up on my Jumper.

Daily Dash

Winter sports was the best thing since sliced bread. Every time something strange happens like last week it was cancelled because they thought a meteor was going to hit the pitch! This week I was hope nothing bad happens, but it probably will. Vroom the bus started up and we were on our way I was trying to predict what would happen I was just thinking of my best prediction when we arrived. We all got out ready to play then it was time to play. Just as we were ready I heard a rumble and a shake in the ground. Run! Shouted the ref we sprinted of the pitch just in time and with a loud bang the pitch exploded! “Well” I said that was a very interesting game of winter sports. The end